​​Every Friday we meet to hear your favorite Cover & Tribute bands!
Joe's Rocks Happy Hour 5PM to 8PM. $2 Domestics, $3 Well, and 50 cents off everything else!

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Joe's Grotto was founded in 1994 by local musician, Joe Grotto, (real name) with the sole purpose of supporting his passion; Live Music. 

Located in the corner of a strip mall with a small corner stage, Joe's Grotto started cranking out music, entertaining crowds, making magic and has never stopped!

Throughout the years with the help of many friends, Joe’s Grotto has made changes and improvements, morphing into a top-notch venue which now hosts Local, National, and International artists.

These changes include an expansion that gave birth to a drinking and smoking patio with a smaller stage.  When curtained off it converts into "The Backroom at Joe's", an intimate venue that is ideal for Open Mics and other more personal events. It is also used for larger festivals
​where bands play non-stop, alternating on both stages. 

After three renovations, “The Big Stage” was expanded, lifted, centered and became a one-of-a-kind showcase with an excellent P.A. in a very warm room.  It is now called and considered “Home” by the many who grace it, bringing us back to why we are here in the first place; the passion and commitment to the shows and the live music.

Thank you for the many years of support!
Best Regards, Your Friends and Hosts at Joe’s Grotto 

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